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Cowgirl Bling Charm Bracelets

     Our new Cowgirl Bling Charm Bracelets are 100% customizable Sterling Silver and Horse Hair! These bracelets are easy to order, and fun to create!! You pick everything! Pick you braid style, the color, the endcaps, and then pick as many charms as you like! You can even order it done in your own horses hair!

Base price is $45, this includes the horse hair bracelet with Sterling silver endcaps of your choice, and your choice of sterling silver lobster claw clasp, Toggle clasp, or S hook clasp.

Hows it done??

First you want to print this order form, then you can start making your selections!

Step 1: Choose Your Braid Style & Color

    Pictured above is the 4-strand round braid in solid color(White) and 2-Tone (Brown/White)

     Pictured above is the 6-strand round braid in 2-Tone (Brown/White) and in solid color (Black)

      Pictured above is the 2-Tone square braid in black/white. Solid color square braid is shown at the top of the page.

Choose Yout End Caps

All End Caps are Sterling Silver, and have Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp.

 Decorative end caps in bright finish (left), or Antiqued finish (right).

Plain Sterling Silver Tube End Caps.

Choose Your Charms

Now here is the fun part! Choose the charms you would like to have added to your bracelet.

**Charms are individualy priced as marked!**

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