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**How to collect hair and knowing how much you need**

Hair Chart (Estimate)

Necklace-- at least 28-30 inches

Bracelet -- at least 15-20 inches

Earrings -- at least 10-15 inches

Key Chain - at least 10-15 inches

Collecting your horse hair

1. Grasp the longest hair at the bottom of the tail or mane.

2. Lift the longest hairs over to the side with one hand and with the other pull the shorter hairs away. Separate away as many short hairs as possible so you are only cutting the longest hairs.

3. The finished bundle should be about the diameter of a dime. Tie a rubber band around the bundle.

4. The hair should be free of tangles or mats. Do not knot, braid, or tape the hair if possible. You do not need to wash hair.

5. Put the hair in a zip-lock bag. Label the bag with your name and phone number

**Best way to measure your bracelet size is to take a tape measure and lay it around your wrist against your skin. Then add an inch for thickness of braid, clasp or, beads.**

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